Public Events 

Association for the Deaf March for Rights in Ramallah 

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Associations of deaf in the West Bank work march and sit-in and that claim to achieve social justice and to live with dignity and humanity of the people deaf in Palestine before the Council of Ministers in Ramallah and the Ministry of Finance 02/11/2014. Link to Facebook post (Translated by Google)

Media Coverage in the West Bank

More about their march in the Palestinian Press 

(Translated by Google)  Pictures: Vigil for schools for the deaf in front of the prime minister in protest at the lack of give them their rights.

(Translated by Google)

Ramallah 02/11/2014 (WAFA) – sit dozens of deaf and dumb on Tuesday, in front of the headquarters of the
Ministry of Finance in Ramallah, demandingregardless of financial allocations and delayed for five months.
The coordinator of the Palestinian Federation of the Deaf Walid Nazzal’s ‘Wafa’, The Ministry of Finance has not
​acted allocations Amal School for the Deaf, based in the city of Qalqilya, of the salaries of employees for five months,
and the non-payment of allowances school in the context of services offered to students as a dwelling-house them.
​He added that more than 120 students receiving services from the Hope School for the Deaf, until the moment did not happen, despite all the appeals allocations.

Fundraising Events

at Oak Hall School

The students faculty and staff of Oak Hall School in Gainesville, Florida are supporters of  In fact, this website was created and is maintained by students and faculty at the school.  

We recently held a “Duct Tape” fundraiser, where students paid $1 for a single strip of duct tape that was used to a coach to the wall of the student center!  It was a fun way to raise some money for this worthy cause.  Please consider organizing a fundraiser of your own that may help build a deaf school!