Building Plan

The above letter from the Qalqilya Municipality reads:

“Subject: Providing a piece of land for building a school

The municipality is ready to grant “Project Hope High School” piece of land to build a model school if there was money available, through the funders or donors.”

Project Hope 

High School for the Deaf

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Letter from Director General of the Association

Walid Mahmoud Nazzal (letter translated by Google):
Project Hope High School for the Deaf Considered deaf from very marginalized groups and poor Palestinian society in all areas of education and rehabilitation , employment and jobs and health insurance … And others.

​Assembly began to study the special needs of the deaf category in terms of responsibility for humanity and the desire to improve the educational status and service for the deaf , where the Assembly , all the administrative board of the deaf and the Public Authority and launched the needs of the deaf themselves.
Was established School for the Deaf in 1997 eighth-grade core and the development of education to be arrived grade atheist ten now and as a result of examination and reflection in the existing schools for the deaf there are twelve Airh school educational track for charities and there is no school affiliated to the Ministry of Education, as these schools are teaching to the ninth grade or X at this time.
There is also a vocational rehabilitation center for the deaf follows the Assembly at the site of the village of Nabi Elias , the only one in the West Bank receives deaf students from all governorates of the West Bank in the age group 15 years and older with housing delivery procedure. It is through the development of the strategic plan of the Association and the study of the development of the deaf has been studying the establishment of High School for the Deaf to supplement the academic education of deaf people, just like public school students.
​Been meeting with the mayor of Qalqilya and presenting the project to establish High School for the Deaf has been prepared to grant Assembly President a pieceof land with an area of ​​two acres for the establishment of this vital project . The visit was mayor Jenzvl in the state of Miami in the United States and to discuss the problems faced by the deaf and special education Fastadt Municipality Jenzvl support the project in the amount of $ 350,000 A closer look at statistics for the deaf in the West Bank by the Palestinian Center for Statistics , the preparation of the deaf as follows:

Female Total
Hearing impairment
Impaired Speech Aid
Total gross

And the literacy rate is very low as there is in the private schools for the deaf not more than 700 students.
​The Assembly has sufficient experience in the follow-up project, where it carried out a number of vital projects and development of the current school building and construction of the Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the Deaf and the numerous projects and has experience in writing reports and follow-up and implementation.
Project duration of 18 months of construction , and will be furnished at a later stage , through the Ministry of Education as well as the provision of teaching staff as the mayor of Qalqilya will work on the development of engineering plans, study and supervise the project.  
​Please refer to the assembly site on Facebook where there are activities of the school and the students and the different occupational status .

​Extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for your efforts and wish you further progress and tender.

​ Director General of the Association Walid Mahmoud Nazzal