Nearly 43,000 Deaf people in Palestine are suffering from a lack of adequate opportunities for primary and higher education, and the government has offered no academic education for them past grade 9. Click the link below to find out how we are working together to change this situation.


Events are a great way to get together and help out the cause. From Duct-Tape fundraisers to music concerts and public murals, our events are a part of what we do. Click below to find out more about our events.


While $700,000 has been promised to help build a school for the deaf in Qalqilya, an additional $350,000 (US Dollars) is needed to complete the project and educate grades 10-12th.  The detailed plan for the addition is linked below. 

Our Friendship

 In April 2014, our communities came together when a delegation from Qalqilya visited their Sister City of Gainesville, FloridaGenuine relationships were formed and we were all enriched by this unique cultural exchange.

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our mission:Give hope to those who need it most

We’re making news

Watch this demonstration of some of the signs being used for the new Arabic/American Sign Language Dictionary.

 Watch this WUFT news report about the project.

An article about our project was featured on the Sister Cities International website.

Check out this story about a recent visit by
students and teachers from Qalqilya to Gainesville, Florida.

A Challenge for Deaf Education in Palestine:

43,000 deaf people in Palestine suffer from lack of adequate opportunities for primary and higher education. With a government that doesn’t provide educational opportunities past grade 9 and families who, many times, feel embarrassed by their deaf members, the deaf face great challenges in earning an education. We have a plan to help. We’re part of a plan to rebuild and expand the current school to accommodate a new high school for the deaf, and you can be a part of that, too. Every child deserves an education — help us help them! Donate today.


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